Gold bullion

Where Do You Buy, Sell, and Pawn Gold and Silver In Cobb County?

Maybe you have a hidden stash of gold or silver jewelry. Gold bullion, gold coins, silver coins, silver bullion, scrap gold, or bars hiding in a closet safe.

Buying, selling, and pawning gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals may be something you are interested in or have been doing for awhile. Selling gold and silver is an option for many people who need quick cash for an unexpected financial burden.

Understanding the gold and silver market, how to determine if your precious metals are real, and where to get the most money for your precious metals in Cobb County, GA is foremost when you are liquidate luxury items.

Gold Bullion

Bullion is a non-ferrous metal. A non-ferrous metal is an alloy or metal that do not contain iron. All pure metals are considered non-ferrous. So gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metal are considered non-ferrous.

Bullion is refined to a high standard of purity. It is used in the production of coins and gold and silver bars. Bullion can also include platinum and other derivatives.

The Integrity Standards for Gold Bullion

The London Bullion Market Association is an international trade association. It coordinates the activities of its members in the London bullion market, sets and promotes quality stands for gold and silver bullion bars.

According to the London Bullion Market Association, the acceptable fineness of the Good Delivery Bars is 99.9% for gold and 99.9% for silver bars. The Good Delivery specification is a set of rules issued by the London Bullion Market Association.

The World Gold Council is a market development organization for the gold industry. It is involved across all parts of the gold industry, from mining to investment. Its purpose is to stimulate and sustain demand for gold. The World Gold Council and the London Bullion Market Association are working together to develop and implement an international system of gold bar integrity.


Gold coins

Gold and Silver Coins

While both gold and silver have attractive coins, gold is a better investment for the average precious metals investor. Gold also has a much larger market due to investment and jewelry demand. Silver prices are more volatile than gold. Silver is traded for both industrial and jewelry uses.

Gold coins are often made of 22k gold and are made up of 91.67% pure gold with 8.33 percent made of other metals like silver, copper, zinc, nickel and other alloys.

American Eagle Bullion Coins

In 1986, the American Eagle Bullion Coin Program was launched and started selling American Eagle Gold and Silver Bullion Coins. In 1997, Platinum was added, and by 1917, Palladium was added.

Gold Bullion

American Buffalo Bullion Coins

By 2006, under Pubic Law 109-145, the “Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005,” the American Buffalo Bullion Coin was released and is one of the purest gold coins available, with a purity of 24k gold. The act established the guidelines for the coin’s design, production volume, price, legal tender status, gold sourcing, and more.

The Act says James Earle Fraser’s designs for the ‘Buffalo Nickel’ will be used on the obverse and reverse sides of the $50 coin. All the gold needs to be sourced from the U.S. or in a U.S. territory within a year following the month the ore was mined in. It designates the coin as legal tender and specifies the coins as “numismatic items.”

“Numismatic Value”

Numismatic value is what a coin or coins are worth to a collector. The numismatic value is different from the melt value, which is the value of the metals that the coins contain. When valuing coins, they have a value due to their collectibility and the value of the metal they are made from.

The Market Price of Gold and Silver

The market price or spot price of precious metals ebbs and flows with the global economy. Investors and people buying and selling gold want to sell when the spot price is high and buy when it is low.

What does Spot Price Mean?

Spot Gold Price means the price that one ounce of gold could be bought or sold for immediately. The spot price goes up and down in the gold market and is dependent on current events, the stock market, what’s happening in the world, and market conditions. Each dealer, or person you are selling your gold to as a gold buyer, has a premium, which is their cost for doing business, such as melting and refining the gold.

This cost is added to the price of the gold if you are buying gold. It is deducted from the price you will get if you are selling your gold. Each gold buyer has different costs associated with how they do business. Selling gold online may yield a higher payout because the cost of doing business is lower when compared to a gold buyer who owns a brick and mortar store, such as a jewelry store or pawn shop, and the associated costs of running that business.

The gold spot price is based on 24k gold or 99% pure gold. This type of gold is often found in gold coins, bullion coins, and gold bullion. 24k gold is soft and pliable, and thus it is not used in making jewelry because easily scratches. Silver spot prices are also based on pure silver 99.9%.

Not all gold is 24k and the gold may be 10k, 14k, or 18k, and each has a different purity content. The spot price is based on the purity of the gold or silver, so it is important to know the precious metal content of your items. For instance, if you want to sell broken jewelry that is 10k gold, it will bring a lower price value compared to selling gold coins that are 24k.

Gold and Silver

Purity of Gold

24k Gold

24k gold is 99.9% pure. It won’t stick to a magnet, it won’t discolor, and it will scratch the ceramic tile. It is what spot price is based on. 24k gold has not been mixed with any other materials and is the purest of all gold types. It is the most expensive gold to use, and is uncommon in the United States to use for jewelry. It is soft and bends, scratches, and doesn’t retain its shape well if used for rings or wearable jewelry. It is used in bullion bars and gold coins. The color of 24K gold is bright and orangish. With this, it is not attractive and doesn’t look as nice if used for wearable goods.

24k gold is the best purity of gold to sell to a buyer if you are looking to make a lot of money and get instant cash.

Gold and Silver

18k Gold

18k gold is 75% pure and thus has 25% alloy materials, such as nickel. It is the purest form of gold used for jewelry and everyday practical wear. It will scratch because it is still soft in nature. It is lighter yellow in color and more attractive compared to 24k gold. 18k gold is still expensive, and items made from 18k gold can be expensive.

Gold and Silver

14k Gold

14k gold is 58.3% pure and thus has 41.7% alloys, such as nickel, copper, silver, and zinc. 14k gold is used in most jewelry because it is affordable and durable. It doesn’t scratch as easily as 18k or 24k, and it will hold its shape well. Most bridal sets, engagement rings, and gold jewelry are made using 14k gold because of affordability, and a pleasing yellow-gold appearance.

Gold and Silver

10k Gold

10k gold is 41.7% pure and has 58.3% alloys of nickel, copper, silver, and zinc. 10k gold is durable and doesn’t scuff and scratch. It is affordable for most people. It has an appealing pale yellow color. It is used in wearable jewelry and is a practical choice. Because it has less gold content, it will not bring as much money if you are selling gold to a reputable gold buyer compared to 24k.

Silver and gold

Silver Purity

Like gold, silver has different purities. Mexico is one of the leading producers of silver in the world, and you’ll find the finest silver jewelry in Taxco, Mexico. Most standard Mexican silver is 92.5% pure, but sometimes the purity can be as high as 99.9%. The purity is determined by the quality of the silver ore mined from the mine and the process used to extract the silver.


While pure silver and sterling silver are often used as synonyms, they are not the same.

Pure silver, or fine silver, is silver in its purest form. The content of silver in pure silver is 99.9%, with only .01% trace elements. High pure silver is very soft and difficult to shape. Jewelry needs some durability, so it holds its form and doesn’t scratch as easily, so pure silver is not the best choice for jewelry. To achieve a more suitable silver for jewelry making, silver is mixed with other alloys like copper and nickle to give it more strength, but not degrade its malleability.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is a silver that has been combined with other metal alloys. Sterling silver is fine silver combined with copper. There is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper in sterling silver. The hallmark stamp on sterling silver will be “925 silver.” 925 silver is affordable and easier craft and repair. On the other hand, it requires frequent polishing to keep it looking shiny, because it tarnishes.


How to Tell if My Gold is Fake If You Don’t Have Expensive Tools and Testers?

Magnet Test

Gold is one of the precious metals that can be difficult to tell if it is fake. A magnet test is one way to separate fake gold from pure gold. Gold is not magnetic. When you place a strong magnet against the surface of your necklace or ring, it won’t move or stick. If it does, it is not real.


Gold is marked with a “hallmark”. Most jewelry will have a stamp placed by the jewelry indicating the precious metal content. Look at the inside of a ring or the back of a pendant. If the stamp mark – hallmark reads 14K this means it is 14 karat gold and has a purity of 58.3% gold content.


Gold doesn’t rust or discolor. Discoloration may also happen on your finger if you wearing a ring that isn’t gold. Did you ever notice a green ring around your finger after wearing a ring you thought was pure gold? The discoloration on your finger will wash away because it isn’t gold.

Ceramic Test

Some people will do what is called a ceramic test. A ceramic test to determine if your gold items are truly gold is done by scraping your piece of jewelry across a piece of ceramic tile or a ceramic plate. Now be warned this may damage your piece. If the piece made a gold scrape across the plate, it is likely real. Other metals won’t leave this gold mark on the plate or tile.

Expert Appraisal

A tell-tale way to determine if you’re selling real gold or silver coins, bullion, or scrap jewelry find an expert to authenticate your items. Pawn shops and jewelry stores have experts who can determine the purity of your precious metals before you sell it.

It’s to their benefit to work with their customers to appraise luxury items like gold and silver, because they want to know how much is a fair price to offer you for your silver pendants, gold and diamond rings, silver collectibles and other things.

Pawn Loan

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Gold and Silver

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